Let The Fairs Begin!

I LOVE fair time in Georgia!
The crafts, the foods, the boutique style clothes!

I technically started my fair going season a few weeks ago, but the first two fairs I went to were not blog worthy.
They weren't even worthy of the name "fair". I thought it was pretty "unfair" that I got up early and got all excited about 10 booths selling honey and Pampered Chef.

But my love for fairs was rekindled on Sunday when we pulled up to the Cotton Pickin' Fair! I was telling Andrew and Darlene about the Minnesota State Fair. Oh, the lovely head sculptures of the Dairy Princess carved out of butter, the cookie barn, the giant slide that you ride down on a potato sack, and the corn dogs! OH SWEET LORD THE CORN DOGS!
It took me about 20 seconds to realize the main difference between Minnesota fairs and Georgia fairs.
In Minnesota we crowd our fairs with foods like roasted corn, fresh milk shakes, and the occasional corn dog stand.
In Georgia however, you will find stands selling foods like this...And this...Really? A fried candy bar?
As curious as I was, we stuck to corn dogs and funnel cakes!
Josie loved the funnel cake, but was disgusted by the corn dog. Made me feel like a hypocrite since I am always talking about how bad pork is for us. Opps.I am sure this will be the only fair that I will get Andrew to come to!
And yes, Josie is pushing me away in this picture. For some reason she is under the impression that Andrew is "Her Man!" And she does not like to share her man!So I snuck in my sweet lovin after she passed out!

I bought a super cute monogrammed sippy cup for Josie, but really just used this fair to amp me up for the Geranium Festival in two weeks!

I can't wait!!!!!!


Kameron said...

Your first couple coudn't have been as bad as the craft fair I participated in this Sunday. 5 hours 40 people came through and they were all old folks, so I didn't sell any baby stuff. Talk about a downer!

Cunz Family said...

I LOVE the Minnesota State Fair! I found it funny that fairs and festivals in Florida are all sea food...and I had to SEARCH for a corn dog stand! Sadly I wont be up in MN for the state fair this year :(

bri said...

Hello... welcome back!

Our fairs here in TX are definitely packed with all kinds of stuff! I have yet to go during the day when all the fun stuff is going on.
At night the thugs over run it and it is getting sickening.

mmmm funnel cake and (well I like the turkey legs here)...