I Must Be Growing Up.

My mom used to make me wash all the baseboards in our house twice a year.
And I'm not talking a two room house. I'm talking four bedrooms, a huge living room, an office, a dining room, a sunroom, and the big ole kitchen.
Hands and knees, soap and water, until they sparkled.
I hated this job. I would mumble and groan and say not nice things under my breath.
So I had to giggle at myself when I handed Josie a rag and told her to get to it and wash the baseboards in our bathroom.

Turns out they do get pretty nasty!

It's also a running joke with my family that I hate a whole lot of things that I have never actually tried.
Boston Market, Onions, Green Salad, and Cucumbers too.
So when I got brave and made a cucumber and tomato sandwich the other day and LOVED it, I decided that I must be growing up.

But I still hate Boston Market and sorry Suzy, but I won't be trying any Green Salad at Thanksgiving either!


Amber said...

Yuck! I have tried that green salad stuff and it's nasty. Our family always has it at holidays. I refuse to eat it.

Cunz Family said...

I too am one to say I dont like food without trying it. I have a food anxiety problem and am scared to try new things!