The Back Nine

We had the Maybrey's over for dinner last night. You know, to celebrate Cinco De Mayo. We couldn't agree on what the holiday was actually for, but if it involves food and friends, we are cool with celebrating it.
No margaritas since Amber is still making Olivia, but we did get out and test out the new golf course in our back yard!
Josie is actually amazingly good at getting the ball right by the hole!Check out that golf stance! Her Grandpa will be SO proud!I was so proud that Andrew didn't lose a single ball! Even if it did take him 12 swings to get it in the hole!David seems to be the pro. But since we can practice in our own backyard, I'm hoping we can kick his butt when we have our first tournament!Josie discovered that it's easier to get the ball to the hole if you just throw it!
I'm pretty sure she learned that trick from her Daddy!


Crystal said...

Way to go on that golf swing, Josie! Haha too cute!

Amber said...

I believe that Josie got the ball in the hole more than the guys!