I'm Baaaaacck!!

I almost kissed the UPS man when he dropped off our Internet card.
And I did kiss Andrew when he got it installed within five minutes of it's arrival!

So, what have we been up to while we were unconnected?!?!
- I woke up one morning and couldn't find my baby.
Turns out she decided it was time to start looking like a little girl. - We have spent a whole lot of time trying to count Miss Matalie's rolls. MMMM, I could soak her up all day!
Amy and I have been laying out in my backyard a couple days a week and are sporting some pretty nice tans.
Last night I looked down at Andrew's feet and noticed that I have darker feet then he does! I don't think I have been that excited in a long time!
I used to always say that my skin just doesn't tan. Turns out it does tan, I was just never outside!

- Summer decided to smack us right in the middle of April this year so we busted out the sprinkler.
They were interested in the actual sprinkler for all of five minutes until they realized that there were some pretty serious mud puddles forming in our half landscaped yard.I am proud to say that I only complained about the mud for a few minutes before I let go of my Type A personality so my toddler could be a toddler!Here's Josie catching some air!It was all fun and games and mud until Luke ran through an ant hill and Josie followed him.
Game Over.

- We decided that Amy is no longer allowed to choose where we go to eat after Luke's games. Or ever.
We waited a good hour for wings and pizza at Rocky's in McDonough.
Lucky for her the food was super good. Or we would have left her with the bill.- I have been trying to convince myself that it's time to do away with the paci.
As you can see in the following picture, we aren't quite there yet.- We have had a couple play dates, but a lot of the kiddos have been under the weather.
(Amy and I made Josie's hair bow! I am pretty proud of them!)

- We had a surprise visit with Mae Mae! She had a three hour layover so we drove down to the airport and hung out with her!- Our yard is looking flipping amazing!
Terry has been working so hard on it every weekend and it is really coming together!
He even added little golf holes when he laid the sod! Complete with a sand trap!

- He planted these Maple Trees (do you capitalize the name of a tree?!?! I am so out of practice!) and I decided that I want to take Josie's picture by them every year. Maybe in future years I will be able to get her to actually look at the camera.

That should get us all up to speed.

The only other thing I have done is lose JK's Crocs at Target. And I am still pretty upset about that so I'm not ready to talk about it.

It feels good to be back!


Amber said...

Yay! Your Back! Missed you!

Kameron said...

Yippee for UPS!! I love getting packages, no matter what's in them! You guys sure have been busy. I wish some of your summer would come join us up here. It was cold and rainy for the past few days. :o( Welcome back!

Anonymous said...

we hang out way too much...geezzz! glad you're back, now i have something to do in my spare time...what little i have :)

bri said...

yay!!! welcome back!

WOW Josie does look bigger (more grown up!)

Brooke said...

Welcome back! Looks like you filled your time away with lots of fun and relaxtion.