Beach Day!

Since the weather wasn't the greatest on what was supposed to be our last day of vacation, we decided to stay for an extra night.

When we woke up Thursday morning it was gorgeous out so we packed up and headed back out to Tybee Island to spend the day at the beach.
Half way there we got word that it was going to thunderstorm all day on the island. After talking it over, we decided to head out there anyways.
I am so glad we did!We ate burgers for lunch and then Amy and I had some pina coladas.
Nothing says vacation like a pina colada!Andrew tried to get Josie to go in the ocean but she ran back yelling, "SCARED!!!"

She spent the day digging in the sand.I could eat these toes.And what's a trip to the beach without some ice cream?!!?Even Matalie got in the ocean! She was not a fan.The prettiest girls on the beach!After we left the beach we went back to the cabin to get all spiffied up for one last night on the town.
We ate at the Texas Roadhouse. Super Yum!

It was the perfect last day of vacation.

We are already planning our next family vacation together!


Brooke said...

Oh, that picture of Josie with her toes in the sand will be perfect for I Heart Faces in a few weeks - they are actually going to have a "feet" week instead of faces :) Glad your vacation was nice and relaxing....after looking at your pictures I really want to go to the beach!