One Down

Karmen has been with us for one week now.

It's been a busy week. Full of organizing baby things, relearning schedules, and teaching Josie to share.

There have been days that I thought would never end and times I've been close to breaking down in tears.
And then there have been days like today.
Days where I get the whole house picked up, have lots of time to play with both girls, and even make banana bread.
Days where the weather is gorgeous, and the gentle breeze reminds me that nothing ever stays the same.

That God's mercy is new, not only every day, but with every gust of wind.

Days where He reminds me that this is a calling, a ministry, a way of life. And that even when I think I am in over my head, He is right there ready to pull me above the water.

And hearing these two girls giggle with each other? I've never heard anything sweeter.

Josie has had some rough days too. Days where she just doesn't feel like sharing. Days where she wonders who this kid is and when she is going to leave.
Days where the urge to touch Karmen's eyeballs is just too great to resist.
But she has also had days like today.
Days where she is free to run and jump and slide to her hearts content.
Days where I remember to remind her 100 times that I am her mommy and that Karmen has her own mommy out there waiting for her.

But I am pretty sure that our rough days are nothing compared to what this little beauty's mother is going through. Her laugh is so contagious and her potbelly is just so adorable.
It breaks my heart that I am the one getting to care for her instead of her own mommy.
But I will soak up every ounce of her while she is with us.
I am going to miss her like crazy when she's gone.

Yup, God definatly made this day.And we will rejoice and be glad in it.


Kelli said...

Those babies are in such sweet hands.

Robin said...

Amen Sista! I have never heard it put so well. Hang in there! I am here if you need me. Remember, I have been there. 3 times...

Robin McGuire