Easter Sunday

I used to complain about how difficult it was to get Josie to cooperate with the camera. But now that there are two of them, I know that used to be a peice of cake compared to getting BOTH of them to cooperate at the same time!
One smiles, the other cries! One looks, the other stares into space!
Oh well!
I am proud to say that all three of us made it to church on time and without any incidences!
Josie got to do another egg hunt during the service and from what I hear, she was the class leader! The girl loves her some Easter egg hunts!
After church we all piled into the Astro Van to head up to Aunt Cleo's for lunch.
I used to make fun of Astro Vans. Now I want one.
It was so comfortable, I could get to the kids with total ease, and the windows are huge!
We ate way too much food and Josie racked up on even more Easter eggs.
It was a long day and we were all really exhausted at the end of it, but it was a wonderful Easter.
But how could any day not be wonderful with two little girls in princess dresses??!?!


Brooke said...

Looks like it was a fabulous Easter....wonderful pictures! And glad to hear everyone is adjusting as expected.