Hunting For Eggs

We just got home from the Sunnyside First Baptist Church's annual egg hunt!
Josie was so much fun! You should have seen her running after the eggs, squealing like a pig!
She even let them paint her face!She kept insisting that she had "2 Eggs".
We need to work on counting!And oh how I love a comparison photo!
Here is Darlene and Josie at Maw Maw's gravesite last Easter weekend:And here they are from today:
Tomorrow is going to be a jam packed day.
I had thought about just sending Josie to the family Easter dinner, but I decided that I wanted to go.
I really should be inside trying to figure out what I am going to need to bring to be out for 8 hours with 2 small children instead of surfing the net!


Cunz Family said...

Who is "Maw Maw"? Does that mean Grandma? I've heard you say it before, and I have no idea what it means!