Taking After My Mom

Andrew and I are those cruel parents that don't "do" the Easter Bunny or Santa Clause.
Not for any religious reasons. We just decided to avoid them finding out that they aren't real by just telling them up front.
But just because Josie's Easter basket will be from us instead of some big mutant bunny doesn't mean we don't get in on the fun that surrounds the holiday.
Case in point, I loaded both girls up, in the rain and tornado warnings, and drove to the Castellano's house to dye Easter eggs last night.

Well, to be 100% honest, the promise of Sheena's cooking helped me get up the motivation to get out in the bad weather!

Julian has some awesome toys and the ball pit in a tent was a big hit last night.And this little butterball? She just sat and looked cute while the big kids took toys away from her.Aaron went over the dying process while both toddlers waited quietly.
Well, at least they were waiting!And only my Mother and I wear white to dye eggs or to paint kitchens! Right Mom??!?!I leave 10 minute long voice mails too. And get lost driving in a town that I've lived in for 10 years.
Yup, I am my Mother's daughter.

Josie loved dropping the eggs in the dye.Most of her eggs were cracked by the time she was done with them.
And then the lights went out.
But that didn't stop us! We are serious about our egg dying.

It was a blast!

Thanks for inviting us Aaron and Sheena!


Betsy said...

Looks like a great time...I love her hair.

The Glover Family said...

your kid is gonna be the one who tells my kids that santa and the easter bunny are fake :(