Monkey Joe-ing

Pretty sure that's not a proper verb, but it's what we did this morning!
Sheena and I took the kiddos to Monkey Joe's in Fayetteville for 1/2 price Wednesday. Turns out that deal ran out at the end of March, but we are so awesome they let us have the deal today anyways! Josie was scared of everything except the toddler area, so that's where we hung out.
Julian got to do the big fun stuff since he is so brave!And even Karmen got in on the fun!They jumped, they ran, they ate pizza until they were stuffed!And then they rode on the horsies until it was time to go!Both girls were passed out in the backseat before we were out of the parking lot!


Kameron said...

That would take a lot out of you! I wish we had something similiar where we live. It looks like so much fun, and relatively hard to hurt yourself!! :o)

Lani said...

what a cool looking place!!!

Alicia said...

We JUST had one open up here in SC and the kids LOVE it! Great pictures and what a fun time for all of you.