Needlefull Wednesday

I put off the blood test as long as I could.
She entertained everyone in the waiting room talking about the doctor giving her a pinch (how else do you explain what a blood test is to a two year old?).
She screamed bloody murder when we went back to the room and even harder when they put the band around her arm.
I covered her eyes so she couldn't watch what they were doing and she calmed down, only to start screaming again when they put the needle in.
But it was all over in about a minute.
It hurt, but it was nothing that a few Vanilla Wafers and a sucker couldn't fix. Poor baby.


Amber said...

Poor Josie. I will be feeling her pain tomorrow. I'll try not to scream like her when they take me back tomorrow. :)

Kameron said...

I have to get Nathan's lead test done. They gave me the paper to get it done at his 12 month appointment and I STILL haven't done it. I think I'm more scared than he will be.

bri said...

Oh my goodness... they draw it from the arm???? What are the finger pricks that they do?

The Swann's said...

Poor Josie! I am glad to hear that she perked right up with a couple treats though. :-)

Crystal said...

Poor, baby girl! Mommy fixed her right up with those cookies and sucker though! Mommy's always make it better.