Imagine It!

Today was Free Tuesday at our Children's Museum.
And ya'll know that my cheap self was one of the first in line!

We got the kiddos all locked and loaded in the car and we were off.
Ignore the unpleased look on Luke's face. I swear I didn't force him to come with us!
There! That's better!
We weren't sure how long the line would be so we left early and packed lunches to eat while we waited for the doors to open.
The line got pretty long, but not too bad.
I think Tiff and I were more excited then the kids!
If any of you are ever in Atlanta, Imagine It is a great place to check out!
All three of the kids eyes were wide as silver dollars when we walked in. There are awesome toys and centers everywhere!
Here's Josie with her knight in shining armor!Tiff loved the moon sand! I see lots of this in Everett's future!There was so much to do and see that the kids only played at each center for a few minutes before they were begging to go to see something else. Painting on the glass wall was a favorite for all three of them. Note to self : have a long talk with Josie to make sure she knows that we only paint on the museum walls!This kid cracks me up!The grocery store area was another favorite.
Luke was an awesome cashier.
He kept telling me that he wanted to buy me some food, but when we'd get to the cash register he'd ask me for my money.
Little sneak!The water area was the best hands down. We spent the most amount of time in here.We even got to get a lesson in juggling! The little ones were starting to zone out.
Amy stayed home to have some alone time with Miss Matalie. This was my first outing with Luke and I can't wait to take him to do more fun stuff!
And after I let him buy the weird spinning egg thing he wanted so badly I am pretty sure I'm his favorite aunt!We covered the whole place in about 2 hours. And after the toddlers started to run in circles we decided it was time to head out so they could get a nap!
Chasing 3 little ones around all afternoon pretty much wore me out. I put Josie to bed super early and am planning on hitting the sack soon too.
Everyone had a great time and we didn't lose any of the kids, so I think it was a successful day!
At dinner tonight, I asked Josie what her favorite part was. She said, "RRRAAUUURRR!!!! Luke says." So her favorite part of the day was when Luke roared at her in the car on the way there.
That's my kid!


Crystal said...

I'm glad you guys had so much fun and that I suggested it to you when you were looking for free places to go!

bri said...

sounds like so much fun!!! I will brave that same road some day!

Brooke said...

Looks like a fun museum! We are headed to our Children's Museum again tomorrow. It's a favorite spot for T, and she's free until she's 3 :)