An Exciting Day

Josie and I made it home with no problems.
The flight was great. The person who was supposed to be in the seat next to us never showed up so Josie ended up getting her own seat. I will never fly with her in my lap again! She was awesome the whole flight. She just sat in her seat and looked around, eating her snacks.
She did end up falling asleep and had enough room to stretch out. It was our best flight yet!

Today we got an exciting offer.
There is a friend of a friend of ours that has a daughter (did you follow that?!?) who is having a baby in May and wants us to adopt him. She claims to be 100% sure she wants to place the baby for adoption and we are the only family she has considered.
We actually have known about it for a few weeks, but the family never contacted us so we had just let the idea go.
Then the Maternal Grandmother called me this afternoon.
We talked for a long time and she is just a normal mom with a teenage daughter who got in over her head.
It's a little boy and he is due to arrive in May. Only 2 short months away.
We haven't officially said yes yet.
Crazy, huh?
As much as I know that I want to have more then one child, and as ready as I think Josie is for us to bring another child into the family, I am beyond scared.
I don't want to short change Josie. I want to do what's best for us and the baby boy. I am not sure it's possible to love two children the way I love Josie.
Andrew is fully on board with saying yes. He's sure that I will never feel completely prepared for another baby and that eventually we will just have to go for it.
I know I've never been pregnant, but it seems like this is so much more of a decision that we're having to make then if we were to find out we're pregnant.
I'm pretty sure we are going to say that we are interested when we call them back tomorrow. I decided it's something I need to sleep on.

I will keep you updated. Please keep us in your prayers as we try to make the huge decision that will not only forever change our family, but the fate of this little man too.

PS - I'm totally stressing over names! Anyone got any good boy names?!?!


Betsy said...

You SO will be able to love both of them the same. Every mother fears that but it is so natural. I will keep you all in my prayers. How amazing!

Kameron said...

You would have a baby by May!! Oh, I keep debating getting pregnant for the same reasons. I don't want Nathan to have to share us and I have those thoughts about loving 2 kids the same. I think it would be awesome for you. :o) I like the name Jaxson or Nolan. My hubby vetoed both of those for our son and I'm still a little pissy about it!

Amber B. said...

Wow! How exciting! I'll be praying for you as you make the decision...

Brooke said...

What an exciting day, indeed! I will be thinking of you as you are making your decision, and will eagerly wait for an update! Sleeping on big decisions always helps. I love the name Grant for a boy.

Anonymous said...

Now you know God would not put anything in your lap that you could not handle. From reading your blog I feel like I know you personally & I have a feeling I know what you will decide.
Adoption to me is no different from the real thing (being pregnant & having your own). We are equip with things we never realized we had & you will never love anyone as much as your first born but you will not love another one of your children less. If that makes any sense.

We've had our boy name picked out since we started trying but I have a few more I can offer.
Conner, Parker, Tucker, Jack & Grant. I wish I could use one of those but the husband is dead set on naming after his 2 brothers...Brady Ryan.

Glad you got back safe!

Missy said...

that would put them at about the same age difference as Sara and Sydney. Don't worry bout short changing Josie if that little boy is meant for your family you will have more than enough to go around!! I'm excited for you!!! :-)

Amber said...

Oh that's exciting! I have to agree with Andrew...you'll never think your ready for another, but once he gets here you'll have as much love for him as you do Josie. I know you guys will make the right decision. We'll be thinking about you!

The Swann's said...

Oh how exciting!!!!!!!!! Oh, boy names galore here!!!! :-) Just tell me what letter of the alphabet you are interested in first and I'll start there. :-) Can you tell I'm hoping and praying for a boy (to carry on the last name as it's dwindled down to my hubby and his cousin. that's it!) So.......... Oh, I'll be anxiously watching your blog now waiting for news!!!!! :-)

Is wishing congrats too early as of now??? :-)

Anonymous said...

That is SO exciting!! I'll be praying for you, that if it's God's plan, it will all work out and you'll get a peace about it. Also, take it from me, I didn't think it was possible to love another child as much as I love my son.... but I am a week away from meeting my new little one, and I can already tell you- it IS possible. I love it just as much and we haven't even officially met!! So, I know you will love him and your daughter will too!