Day 14, 15, and 16

This cough kinda kicked my butt these past few days.  I think I would have been totally better by the end of the first 24 hours if I had rested, but vacation was almost over and I had so much left I wanted to do!  So I pretty much ran from sun up to sun down and didn't get enough rest.
Add that to being so busy that Josie didn't get much of a chance to nap the past couple days and you get one exhausted Mama!
Luckily I felt fine, I was just coughing up a lung and my legs were sore.  I'm feeling a million times better today.  I was getting nervous that I wouldn't shake it before Matalie is born.  And after she was gracious enough to wait for me to get back before she comes out, I had better not stand her up due to a cold!
Even with being a little under the weather, we didn't slow down a bit.
We did a lot of swimming, but I didn't take anymore pictures.  I figured we had enough splashing shots!
My brother and Katie left Monday afternoon so we went out to eat on the way to the airport. 
Once they were on their way, my Mom and I took up a past time that was a bit neglected this trip due to the large number of people with us... SHOPPING!
We seriously shopped all day yesterday and most of the day before.  Even though I was looking for things for me, I somehow ended up in the little girl section everyday.  
Josie was in love with every fountain we passed!  
Yesterday was day two with little or no nap.  But since it was the day before we were leaving we had to go out to dinner!  Josie got a final manicure before we left and we headed out.
Looking back, it would have been smarter to just order in, but I was determined to go out.  She did ok, but I was stressed that she was going to melt down the entire time!  
Needless to say, a two year old still needs a nap.
This morning I am trying to pack all our new things and birthday presents into an already full suitcase.  I already have one bag that my mom is going to have to bring with her when she comes for her layover in two weeks.
While I'm busy stuffing and squishing, my mom and Josie are enjoying the new tea set my mom got for her.  It is gorgeous.
It will be staying here until Josie is a bit older, but I can't wait to watch her have little tea parties!
Wish us luck on the flight home!  I'm praying for a little sleep!

Stay tuned for Matalie updates!  Amy thinks she'll be here by the end of the weekend and if she decides not to come out, they will induce on Monday!
I'm pretty sure she'll come on out once she hears my voice!