Arizona - Day 8

Andrew has made a discovery on this trip that I am not totally thrilled about.
Old man glasses.
He swears they are the greatest things ever invented. We went on a date today and he tried to convince me of all the perks that these glasses offer.
I'm a little scared that they may show up in Atlanta when I start to unpack!
We had a great date day.
After we laid Josie down for her nap we headed out to Old Town Scottsdale to walk around.
It was a gorgeous day, sunny and mid 70's.
Andrew found some Ass Water at one of the stores. We thought it was hilarious.
I guess we're easily amused.
Then we decided to drive up Camelback Mountain, you know, since I won't climb it! There are some huge houses built right on the mountain. It's beautiful, but I don't think I'd want Josie playing outside next to a 40 foot drop off!When I started seeing signs like this I made Andrew turn around! We just got back from dinner with my mom and Bill. It was nice to go out with just a small group!
We went to the first Mexican Restaurant in Scottsdale. It was yummy! They make all their tortillas fresh and all that jazz.
Not to mention they make a killer Strawberry Margarita!We sat right next to the fish tank so Josie was entertained the whole meal.She eats her salsa with her fingers and her chips with a fork.
Everyone has been laughing about the foods Josie likes. Olives, Salsa, pickles.

We are home now and getting ready to watch a movie.

My brother gets in tomorrow! I can't wait to spend a week with him!


Kameron said...

I'm loving the new layout!! I want fresh tortillas! I guess I can get those in 11 days, so I'll try not to be too jealous!! :o)