Arizona - Day 9

Today was Andrew's last day of vacation.
Well, we just found out that yesterday was supposed to be his last day of vacation since we accidentally made his flight reservation for today. So he totally missed his flight. We are in frantic mode trying to find a way to get him home in time for work without spending $500.
But even though he missed his flight, he did get to spend another day in the sun! Josie was a Daddy's Girl too!It was gorgeous today! The temp stayed at about 75 degrees with a completely clear sky and a light breeze. We spent the entire day at the pool and are now all sporting some nice tans!Now that Aaron and Katie are here we don't all fit in the car so Andrew and I rode bikes over to my Aunt's pool.
I hadn't been on a bike since middle school! I was really scared, but had so much fun once we started! I wish we had bike trails like this at home!Since all we did was lay in the sun and swim I only took a few pictures!

Josie has two new best friends now.
Andrew and I don't even exist to her now that these two are here!
It is so strange to be home with my brother. It feels just like high school, except that we have two extra adults and a baby in the house!
Josie has been doing great entertaining herself in the few minutes when there isn't someone pampering her.
Such a little Mama!

I'd better go help Andrew come up with a plan to get home so he doesn't stress too much! Wish us luck!