Arizona - Day 7

Vacation is just about half way over! Boo!
Luckily the sun decided to come out in full force for us today!
We spent the day at the pool. I did not go swimming but Josie did.
70 degrees may be warm enough to swim if you're a Minnesotan, but I guess I'm more Georgia then I thought!
I bribed my mom into getting in with Josie. Once her jaw started shaking uncontrollably and her lips turned a light shade of blue, I decided it was time to head in!
Arizona has beautiful weather, but when that sun goes behind a cloud the temp drops immediately!
We had dinner over at my Aunt Robbin and Uncle Tom's house.
Check out their backyard. It's better then any spa. The hot tub overflows into the pool so there is a constant sound of water flowing. I love it over there.Josie didn't have a nap. She was in a good mood, but was not interested in sitting still for dinner.
See that white object behind Nancy? That's me trying to get her back to the table. That's pretty much how I spent the whole meal! But I did manage to scarf down Tom's amazing meatloaf and roasted veggies!Everyone else had a great time!Cheers Papa Moose!Suzy, Nancy, and Emma leave in the morning so we had to get a group picture.
My brother and his Lady Friend Katie get in on Wednesday.

And when the baby went down for the night, the games came out again!I could seriously get used to this life!


Kameron said...

I can't get over her glasses! I just want to eat her up. :o) I would be dying for 70 degree weather right now! I go to a conference near San diego on the 1st and you'd better bet I'm going swimming!!!