Arizona - Day 6

Josie had another birthday party today!
This time she was the Royal Princess and boy did she ever get into character!
My mom made some awesome sugar cookies and cupcakes. They were so good. I think I've eaten more sweets this month then I did all of last year!Here's the princess waiting for her guests to arrive. She was super excited now that she totally gets what a party is.She has fallen in love with my Grandpa.
The first night we were here he sang her a song about a moose and ever since she has not stopped talking about it. He is the only one she wants to sing it though, if anyone else tries she spazzes out! She even calls him Grandpa Moose!
*** On a side note, please pray for my Grandpa. Health stuff.
When we headed out to the pool for the party, the real princess showed up!
She looked like a total diva! I could eat her up!She was such a good girl all day.
The weather was hot then chilly off and on all afternoon so we decided not to let her go swimming. The pool is heated, but the air isn't! Auntie Suzy is going to take her tomorrow.She figured out that is she hung out by the guys I couldn't see her chowing down on Cheetos! Sneaky little princess!
She has also discovered a new favorite food out here, Lemons!
There are lemon and orange trees everywhere in the neighborhoods so you can just pick them anytime you want. She likes the oranges, but LOVES the lemons!We had a great cook out with lots of food and funny stories!And then cupcakes!Josie decided it was time for presents before we were even done with dessert! She completely understands what presents are!After playing with her great gifts for a bit she went right down for a nap.
So we played some more Farkle!This game is seriously fun! Susy came from behind on her last turn and won the game!
She's the Farkle Queen!
It starts to get pretty cool when the sun goes down so we all headed back over to the house for some pizza and card games.
This was a really fun day!
Tomorrow is a lounge day. We're having dinner at my Aunt's house, but my parents have appointments all day so we'll get a bit of a day for just the three of us.

*** Baby Matalie is still hanging in there! I think the she really wants that pony I promised to get her if she waited to be born until I got back!
Hang in there Amy! Only 9 more days!


Crystal said...

Cute party and Josie look precious, not that anyone is surprised!

Kameron said...

I love her sunglasses!!! This kid's going to think every day is her birthday!!! :o)

Lani said...

OMG that diva princess picture is just too much!!! I am so glad you are having such a blast on vacation. I hope we have half as much fun as you!!!!

Anonymous said...

easy for you to ask me to wait...you're not the one carrying the kid! come home!!!! :) oh, and I seriously think that lil miss thang has grown two feet since you've been gone...bring her home wih you!

The Swann's said...

Oh how much fun was that party!!! And those cookies! WOW!!! Amazingly beautiful and perfect. :-) You DO have a little Princess on your hands... I can only imagine what her "Super Sweet 16" party will be like!!!

Nancy said...

What a cute princess! A princess party is on my list :) It's a good thing I have two girls and the themes I want are endless! So fun! Thanks for sharing :)