Arizona - Day 4 Part 1

I have to do today in two parts so that I don't bog you down with a ton of pictures all at once!
Plus, Josie is napping so now is a good time to post!

Our princess got up bright and early and was ready to roll! She seems to be her best first thing in the morning. Just like her Dad! It takes me an hour (or two!) to get up to full speed! If you are ever in Scottsdale (Lani!) you need to check out the Scottsdale Civic Center Library. The Children's Area is insane!
It's set up like a castle with a ton of stations for kids to learn from.
We went there for story time, but Josie was so excited about all the puzzles and puppets she didn't listen to a word of the story!Aunt Suzy and Mae Mae taking a break. We had to pry Josie away from the castle.Puppets! I loved that they let the kids play with all the stuff!Of course I was the queen of the library!The library is right in the middle of the most beautiful park.
The park is full of artists and musicians on the weekends. This weekend is the Wine Festival. Praise Jesus!The weather is amazing today! Not too hot, not too cold.
It's supposed to be about 10 degrees warmer tomorrow so we're looking forward to that. But with clear blue skies like we have today, you won't hear me complaining!
We stopped to check out the swans. They were not afraid of people at all and Josie thought they were so cool!That pretty lady in the background is my cousin Emma, or Auntie Em. She is the reason that I don't sweat it that I don't have a nice camera. She is an amazing photographer and her camera is pretty much attached to her face at all time!
Lucky for me, Josie is one of her favorite subjects to shoot! I'll do a whole separate post with the pics she does!While we were playing at the library, Andrew climbed Camelback Mountain.
Being the devoted blogger that I am, I made him promise to take at least a few pictures on his way up so that I could show you! You know, since there isn't even a small chance of me climbing up there!
This is the entrance to the trail. The trail goes about half way up the mountain and from there you're on your own.
Andrew went all the way to the top!I love this one. So beautiful!Here's the view from the top!
Here's where they would have to call the helicopter for me!There's no way I'd climb back down!
As if that wasn't enough exercise, he biked around Scottsdale after he got down. Looking for what? Chicken fingers and fries of course!
We're resting now before we head over to my grandparents house for dinner and cards.


Brooke said...

That library has to have the coolest kid section I've ever seen! And I would have loved that hike!!