Arizona - Day 3

Day 3 already?!?!

First off, Happy Birthday Dad! (not Andrew, my actual Dad!)
He's next on our vacation tour. Hopefully we'll be at the beach with him and my older brother at the end of next month! We'll have cake then!

We had another great day here in Sunny Scottsdale Arizona! The weather was awesome. Still a little breezy in the shade, but getting warmer!
We put Josie to bed at 6:30 last night after one too many melt downs and she slept over 12 hours!
This morning she was a new kid! She learns her table manners from her Daddy!
My grandparents, Josie's Great Grandparents, came over for a little visit this morning.
Josie has made sure that everyone who comes over plays with her play dough!Sweet little Josie is quite the Desert Princess!
She loves the cactus!
Most of the yards out here are rocks instead of grass since it gets so stinking hot in the summer. So that has meant lots of rock throwing fun!There is an awesome mall about 2 miles from the house so of course we had to check it out. The President's Day Sales at Gymboree and Pottery Barn Kids were very good to us (and so was my Mom!)!
Here's Josie and Mae Mae taking a little break!Mom and I did get a chance to look at a few of our stores, but I'll be going back, minus the baby, to finish up my shopping!
Andrew decided we walk too much at the mall so he went to a movie while we went shoe shopping.Since the sun finally came out, Josie and I needed some sunglasses.
Her's cost more then mine. There's something seriously wrong with that! Tonight we just played (with Play Dough of course!) and grilled out. My Aunt Suzy and cousin Emma get in tonight so we'll be seeing them tomorrow!
I can't wait to throw down with some card games!
Now Josie is in bed and we're settling in for a movie.
I've just been informed that we need to finish off the Tirimasu and Ice Cream.
Oh darn!


Crystal said...

You girls are lookin' cute in the shades!

Betsy said...

She really is TOO precious. Looks like you all are having a fantastic time.

Kameron said...

I wanna help with the tiramisu!!!

Lani said...

I am so glad the weather has been good too. We are headed to scottsdale in just over a week!!! Any tips of must go places???