Potty Training 101 (Semi-Disgusting)

How do I potty train my child?
It's an age old question.
Every mother has dreaded the potty training stage. And with good reason.
There is nothing flattering about your child wetting their pants at Target.
We decided to wait until after vacation to even think about potty training. My sister waited to potty train my nephew until he started asking about it and I planned to follow suit.
However, Miss Independant is turning out to be a potty prodigy.
She asks to sit on the potty all the time, but just sits there and then wants to flush. Rehersal as we call it.
But tonight she was ready for the real thing.
Josie went "number 2" on her potty without any prompting from us! I am so excited!
I would have been even more excited if she had waited 5 extra minutes until I got home, but hey, when you gotta go, you gotta go!
While I'm sure we still have a long road of potty training ahead of us, the fact that she told Andrew she had to go and then went is pretty impressive.
Makes up for the fact that she can't count past 2.

I apologize for the crudeness of the following images, but I am one proud Mama! And look how proud she is.
Yup, she's defiantly her father's daughter.


Brooke said...

Way to go Josie! T hates the potty and refuses to sit on it, so I decided not to push the issue. She lets me know when she's done doing both 1 and 2 and tells me "Mama change the diaper".

The Glover Family said...

wow, thats amazing...great job Josie. I know that kids are supposed to develop at different ages and that girls mature faster, however I feel a tinge of sinful envy. Everett will watch Elco Potty Time, talk about poopie, tell you when he has to poop, get a diaper after he poops for you to change...but when you ask if he wants to sit on his potty you get a big NO. :( It will come I guess, it will come. Soon hopefully, two kids in diapers is rough.

Kameron said...

OMG, you posted a picture of poop!!! Sorry, i am dying laughing in my cube at work. :o)

Crystal said...


Lani said...

GO JOSIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That is awesome! I am with you on dreading the potty training, I haven't even bought a potty yet but will do it this weekend probably. Izzy went once on the big potty a few weeks ago but hasn't gone since. Every time I know she is goign to poop I ask her if she wants to go she says no, and hten goes in the corner squats and takes care of her business....oh well, all in due time I guess.

We are also goign on vacation in Feb so I will for sure wait until after that before I really start pushing it.

I love hearing the stories and the tips though, we can figure it out together

JordanWest said...

That is so awesome! Hopefully the whole process will be that easy. On another note, you better never tell Josie you posted pictures of her poop for the world to see, especially when she gets to be about ten years older :) But good luck!

Anonymous said...

Thats my girl! (I can't believe you actually posted those pics :))

bri said...

That is....AWESOME Way to go Josie!

You go ahead and be a proud momma! You take all the pictures you want...just spare us the in detail ones! haha

PS said...

Yay Josie! You made my day posting poop!

Melanie said...

that's awesome! My girl just potty trained a few months ago and with consistency, it just gets better! She still has accidents at times but, no biggie.