Not Me! Monday

With only 10 days left until I am Josie's full time assistant, you better believe I have my fair share of Not Me!'s to shell out on MckMama's Bloggy Carnival!

  • I like to eat healthy. So I know it wasn't me who ate my weight in Buffalo Chicken Dip. If I had discovered and then fell in love with such a dip, it would have been fat free, not made out of many ingredients with the word "cream" in them!
  • And I would have only ate it at the baby shower. No way, no how did you smell it on my breath 3 days after the party was over. (don't worry, it is now extinct.)
  • I did not get allow Andrew to sign on to my Facebook so that he could see some pictures only to find him two hours later with not only his own Facebook all set up, but A BLOG too! Oh Lord! How are we ever going to share a computer!?!?
  • I am going to love the down time I'm about to have with Josie. So I did not spend the majority of the past week researching fun and free things to do to keep us busy.
  • I most definatly did not post a picture of POOP on my blog! Gross!
  • Andrew and I hadn't been back to our Home Church in almost a year! Lately we felt God was calling us back there and this Sunday, Josie and I finally went (Andrew had to work). I wasn't at all nervous. And I surely didn't change Josie's clothes 10 times before just putting her in some jeans and a t-shirt!
  • I didn't feel like the World's Worst Mother as I peeled my child off of me and left her screaming in a room full of people and kids she didn't know at all. Man that kid knows how to play the ole heart strings!
  • We didn't end up staying for almost 2 hours! And the play that our old youth group (the one Andrew and I started, it was pretty much our first baby!) wasn't magnificent!
  • We still have 2 full weeks before we board our plane to Arizona where we will spend 16 glorious, family filled, romantic date filled, free babysitting, card playing, food eating, days. So those three stuffed suitcases sitting in the guest room, not ours. I would never pack that far in advance!
  • Josie has not been yelling, "MY PARTY" every morning first thing when she wakes up! I think she has about the same amount of patience as me!


Kameron said...

I am still laughing about the poop!! I am so excited foryour new venture as a SAHM!! I am so bad at packing, I wouldn't be packed until the night before, that's how bad I am!!

Brooke said...

Way to go on getting hubby on Facebook and a blog!

I love anticipating vacations! You will have so much fun.

Anonymous said...

I'm making the Buffalo Chicken Dip this weekend for the Super Bowl party I was just informed we're having.
Hope it is good (;

I'm so jealous of your SAHM days that are coming!

And the movie was funny, wasn't it?
I laughed so hard. But felt so bad that I find all that crude stuff funny.