Not Me Monday

This will be my last Not Me! Monday that I will ever post from my desk. Tear.

  • I did not get super excited and all pumped up to throw a Super Bowl Party at our house. I did not formulate my invites and menu before calling my hubbers. My bubble was certainly not burst by my hubby when he, ever so gently, reminded me that we in fact do not have a TV to watch the game on.
  • I did not consider thowing said party anyways. I mean, who actually watches the game anyways?!?! Isn't it just a reason to eat greasy food and lots of dip?
  • I did not spend an insane amount of time making Cupcake Pops for Josie's little friends to celebrate her birthday and last day at daycare this Thursday.
  • Of course they won't be stale by the time Thursday actually gets here! I would never send stale snacks to a bunch of 2 year olds!
  • Surly I didn't get offended nor did I over react in the slightest, when one of Andrew's friends from high school commented that Josie looks nothing like me. I mean, she's adopted, I'm fully aware that she shouldn't look like me!
  • I did not give a nasty look the the girl at the foster parent meeting who assumed that she could just hold Josie. I didn't hate every second of the meeting because people knew that she wasn't our biological daughter. I'm totally over that part of adopting.
  • I did not seriously almost do a Happy Dance when I saw that Target is now selling BABY LEGS!!!! I do not have a secret obsession with putting Josie in leg warmers!
  • And I did not carry the rainbow colored ones OR the polk a dot ones around in my cart knowing full well that I would have to put them back before we checked out. The new budget most certainly does not have room for fancy leg warmers!
  • I am not growing ever more impatient with the fact that Amy is refusing to go into labor. I am not convinced Matalie is going to come as soon as I board the plane. Meaning not only will I miss the birth, but I won't even be aware that she is finally breathing our air for 4 hours!


Betsy said...

I always think these Not Me Mondays are so cute and funny. I am so not that original.

Keyona said...

Leg Warmers are so cute on little ones. I need to check out Target! :o)

Brooke said...

I am NOT a huge fan of Baby Legs either! They are not so much fun.

Happy Not Me! Monday.

Bethany G. said...

I will miss your "not me Monday's"! They always bring a smile to my face!

Kameron said...

I don't think 2 year olds care if their treats are stale!! My hubby is 30 and he doesn't care!! Have a great week.

skywalker9 said...

I make baby leg warmers all the time! You just buy fun knee socks (I found directions on-line) and sew them up. Soooo much cheaper!