I Missed That Memo...

You know, the one about how your supposed to rest on the 7th day.
Cause we defiantly didn't rest yesterday.
But we did have an amazingly fun day.
Josie and I got up and had breakfast and then got snazzied up and went to church.
It's strange to be back at TPC, but a good strange. It feels like going home after being gone for a really long time. While everything has evolved and changed over the past year, both on the church's side and our side, it still feels so the same.
We've been welcomed back with open arms.
Andrew can't really go to the service since he works Sunday mornings, but I can't wait for us to be able to go together.
We're still not sure what God is doing by calling us back there.
We feel 100% sure that he has called us back, but we aren't sure what the next step is.
Andrew and I are not merely spectators of our faith. We want to be right in there, getting our hands dirty, ministering, planning, running ourselves completely ragged!
But we haven't gotten that next step yet. So for now, we wait. And enjoy the peace that comes from knowing that you are obeying God, even though it doesn't make complete sense.
I have been sending Josie to the Kid Planet (children's ministry) for the first service then I go pick her up and we sit in the back for the Praise and Worship part of the second service.
She loves it.
And my heart totally melts when she raises her little hands to worship. (Her Aunt Amy is on the praise team and Josie follows anything she does up there.)

When we got home we finished the cookies for Josie's party.
I'm pretty sure this is the perfect sugar cookie recipe. And the frosting? The best ever! I found it over at my new Bloggy Buddies Blog.
I've always wondered how the bakery got the frosting so perfectly smooth and the details from running all over the place.
Now I know.Josie and I have had so much fun this weekend baking together. I thought she might be too young to help, but she did awesome dumping the ingredients in the bowls. And stirring. And eating the messed up ones!Now they are all packed up and ready for the party!
All we have left to do is make some leaves for the table and finish the little goodie for the kiddos. I love when it all comes together!

Next Sunday, I'm defiantly honoring the Sabbath.

Oh, a couple of you wanted to know where to find the directions for the Cupcake Pops, head over to Bakerella's blog. If you scroll down you get the full directions and can see all the different things you can do with them!


Betsy said...

Those look amazing. So good. Way better than my first time.

Ashley said...

Yumm! Those look delicious!!

I have something else for your little one's party over at my blog. Congratulations!

Email me at ashleynicoleperry at hotmail dot com so that I can hook you up with Renee!

Crystal said...

Those cookies are ADORABLE! I can't wait to try out the recipe for my friend's baby shower!

Brooke said...

OMG, I'm tired just looking at all you did! I have no energy to make cookies for T's birthday! Big brownie (or cookie) points for you!!!

Kameron said...

I will have to try that recipe...when I am not on a strict diet, and actually have an occasion to make them for. Hmm, Valentines day is an occassion, right?? :o)

Jane Anne said...

I bounced over to your site from your comment on my Bloggy Giveaway. I am so glad that I did! I was just thinking this afternoon that I wanted to make some iced sugar cookies for Valentine's day. Seriously! Thanks for providing the link. The cookies you made look wonderful!
Thanks for entering my giveaway at Gravity of Motion . Stoy back by anytime!

abby22 said...

You guys are precious...love the cookies, but I truly love your honesty! You amaze me!!!