My Very Own Romeo

I am not married to the most romantic guy in the World.
He doesn't send me roses or write me poems with eloquent words (but he did propose by writing me a song and having a full band play it while he sang slightly off key in front of 200 people!).
That's why finding little things like this... makes my heart melt.
And I know it was him and not my exceptionally brilliant daughter that did it because it was up way to high for her to reach.
Unfortunately, I didn't find it until I had already started pouting around the house and complaining that dinner wasn't ready yet.
Yes, my man loves me.
After we finally ate and put JK to bed, we watched "Defiantly, Maybe".
I'm not usually into romantic comedies due to the cheese factor, but this one was good.
Made me happy that I married my love dove.
Then, as we were saying goodnight, he leaned in to give me a sweet, romantic kiss and then...
He sneezed on me. Right in my face. Sneeze Juice and all.
And he's back!


bri said...

hahaha! Such a romantic!

Oh my gosh that reminds me, J laughed in my face earlier... He was about to kiss me goodbye and I said something that made him laugh and he blew snot in my eye! eeewww gross... it is still making me laugh.

Crystal said...


I burst out lauging when I read about the sneezing though!

Kameron said...

That's almost as gross as my hubby breaking wind when my head was on his lap!!