Luke Is 4!!

Josie and I just got home from Luke's birthday party at Chuck E. Cheese.
I thought it was "Chunky Cheese", but Andrew corrected me on that little detail before we left.
I think I was right before he corrected me.
That's not nice of me is it?

Seriously, the kids had so much fun.
Josie had never been to a place like that and she was too excited that whole morning to take a nap, but she did great playing the games and following Big E around.

***Prepare for picture overload.. ***

I know I'm a bit biased, but do kids come any cuter then this?!?! Everett is only a month older then Josie but he towers over her.
She's a pipsqueak!
The little kids didn't know if they loved or hated ole Chuck E. (or Chunky). I think he's a little creepy.
And so were the pieces of tile that fell from the ceiling and were just sitting by the mouse's feet.
Can we get a clean up on stage one?Here's the birthday boy on the Willy Wonka-esque ride!
And then Everett had a turn. Josie was a little freaked by it so she didn't ride.And then came the horse ride fiasco of 2009.
Seriously, embarrassing doesn't quite cover it.
Big E wasn't quite big enough for the horse ride that only goes when it senses your weight.

So being the ultimate cool aunt, I thought, "Hey, I could fit up there with him, I'll give it a whirl." And up I went.
This horse ride is no joke people.
I thought that either I was going to get bucked off or Everett was going to get a serious goose egg on his head.
Tiffany and I were laughing uncontrollably.
I almost wet my pants, which I'm sure Everett wouldn't have appreciated.
After reviewing these pictures, I'm not sure Everett even wanted to be on the ride.
Now on to less embarrassing, more adorable pictures of our amazingly great kiddos.
And then came cake.
And all the World was right for the kids. That little boy up there, I love him to the moon.Everett, caught in the act.
I learned an important lesson that I'm glad I learned before February 7th rolls around:
Josie hates the Happy Birthday song.She cried and yelled, "NO NO" the whole time we sang.
I guess we'll be singing Row Row Row Your Boat at her party. Check out this Party Animal.Ean knows how to rock the birthday hat.And so do we. If I don't say so myself.The Glover's taught me another important lesson out in the parking lot: New babies poop. A lot. And it's yellow, like mustard yellow.
And I learned that if a little sweet newborn baby is covered in poop and you expose his bare butt to air, he'll pee. All over the place. And yes, that is my car they are changing that little poo machine in! Good thing I love him so much!"Let's get outta here!"

I'm not sure if parents in Fayetteville are just extremely trusting or just don't care about their kids. Or maybe they don't watch the news and aren't aware that kids get stolen or worse.
I could have had my pick of two year olds, yup I said two year olds that were just walking around, or sitting with us, complete strangers, for way over 10 minutes.
Where were the parents you ask?
Just sitting at their tables.
Twice I attempted to return a child to their rightful owners to find them talking with their friends completely oblivious to the fact that I'd had their child for God knows how long. And not one of them looked concerned about it.
I am awestruck that all the parents left with all of their children.
Pretty sure that place would be a kidnappers paradise.
Come on parents, take some responsibility for your kids.


Kameron said...

That looks fun. Nathan has never been to Chunky ;o) either! I think, with how high energy he is, I'd be chasing him around like a mad woman. I hear you on watching your kids! I never let Nathan out of my sight, unless he is in Aaron's sight!

JordanWest said...

Haha, I had my 3rd and 4th birthday parties at Chuck E. Cheese. (Not Chunky, lol) That is a fun place for kids to go wild. I bet Josie didn't know what to do with herself there was so much to see! (and if her birthday is February 7, mine is exactly a month before!)

The Glover Family said...

i am just gonna repost your blog to our blog since it is so perfect AND we didn't get pictures...

Anonymous said...

I think I'm going to do the same as the glovers! I am such a bad momma and blogger!