24 Hours

Not having TV is a little...Strange.

We're on day 3 of not having TV and I never realized how long 24 hour actually is.
It's not too bad in the evenings when we are all rushing around to get dinner ready, giving Josie a bath, and playing. But when Josie goes to bed and the house gets so very quiet, that's when it's strange.
I feel like Andrew and I have a great marriage. We really are best friends. But even for this superstar couple, it's weird to have this much time to just be together.
Top that with the fact that Andrew is on his New Year's fast (so we can't fill the time with eating yummy foods!) and it makes for a l-o-n-g night!
The mornings have been a bit different too.
On the weekends, the first thing I usually do is turn on the TV. So this morning, when I woke up a good 30 minutes before Josie did, it was again very quiet.
But I am starting to really love this quiet.
I love being able to hear Josie laughing and talking so softly to her babies. I enjoy being able to pray while I'm going about my morning without glancing up to see what I'm "Not To Wear."
Overall, I think that this no TV thing is going to be around even after we can afford to turn it back on.
24 hours is a lot of time and man, have I been busy!
Last night I broke out my sewing machine. Last Summer I made Josie a ton of dresses and skirts that were adorable. Not even and a bit snug around the middle, but adorable none the less!
I had forgotten how relaxing sewing is for me. I love looking at a block of fabric and trying to figure out what patterns would go together and then making it look like something.
And I really loved having Andrew sit at the table with me and talk to me.
We had a great talk about churches and what God is wanting our family to do.
AND, I made a couple outfits for Miss Thing.

Josie's going to a Fireman Party next Saturday for Everett's 2nd birthday celebration. I found this fabric in my craft closet so I thought a little fireman dress would be fun for the party. Little girls can wear firetrucks right?
I have the pillowcase dress down pretty well now. I can't read a pattern to save my life so I just eyeball it.
Skirts however, not so much. I had to pull this one apart and resewing about 5 times and it still doesn't fit right. I kept making the top way to narrow. One more try and I think I'll have it down. I think a good tutorial is in order. And I was able to cross one of my 101 in 1001 off.
That whole learning how to make a great espresso at home? Done!
Coffee anyone?Josie has had to do a little adjusting too. She isn't really interested in TV so I'm sure this isn't too much of a shock for her. She is having to get used to sharing her toys with her parents!
This child has a billion baby dolls, but what does she want to play Mommy with?
My Willow Tree figurines.Crazy Girl.


Brooke said...

Kudos to you on the no TV....I've always wanted to give it a go, but I am more addicted to it than I am to caffiene!

And I love the outfits you made! Very cool.