Wasn't Me!

It wasn't me who got all choked up at work when I was reading all my bloggy buddies comments on the post about me staying home with Josie. If I had, it would've been because of something profound that one of you said, not simply because it feels so nice to have women that support me even though they have never met me. I am not at all surprised at how grateful I am for this blog and the fact that any of us have been connected.

Being the caring and gentle mother that I am, I know it wasn't me that gave Josie an ever so mild push, more like a touch, when she wouldn't quit pulling my hair. That would be mean. Even a gentle push would hurt my little girls feelings and make her cry. And I wasn't on the phone with my mom. That would mean there was a witness.

Josie is not still telling everyone she sees about "mommy push, no-no!" while grabbing at her hair and dramatically pushing herself back. (oh, my little drama queen!)

Since we got rid of TV, I haven't been a complete busy body. Sewing, cooking, cleaning, playing. Anything to fill the time!

I love going on dates with Andrew. So when he lightly suggested going out just the two of us when I got home from a 4 year old birthday party, I'm sure I didn't gently turn him down. (hey, we've gotta start getting used to our new budget sooner or later!)

When Andrew's Bible Study started a lively (2 1/2 hour) conversation last night, that was not me that you saw sneaking around trying to get Andrew's attention to let him know he was cutting in on my sewing and pudding eating time. I did not give him the same look I give Josie when she is not following directions.

I did not hit my snooze button an astonishing 7 times this morning thus giving myself a measly little 10 minutes to get up, get ready, make coffee, make my lunch, get Josie up, and get out the driveway.

I do not look like a homeless woman today.


Kameron said...

I reset my alarm this morning too! I just couldn't fathom going back to work today. Have a great day, and I'm sure you don't look homeless!

bri said...


The Henrys said...

I did not hit snooze, but practically had to drag Maddie out of bed today. She was not in the mood to go back to school at all after 2 weeks at home:)

Brooke said...

I laughed at your homeless woman comment! And I agree, the friends we make through blogging are priceless. Yes, the ones we have IRL are great, but something about the bonds being formed through blogs.