It's A Girl!!!

And she's 100% ours!
Josie's birth certificate FINALLY came last night and I finally let out a huge sigh of relief.

See that right there?
And then, of course, there's her name. Proof that calling her "Josie" isn't just a nickname anymore but her full fledged, legal name.
Sure I knew she was ours forever the day T placed her in my arms. And if there was any twinge of doubt after that, when the judge scribbled his name on the Adoption Decree, it was set in stone.
But there is something about seeing my name listed as "Mother" that really makes it real.
I am not an emotional person (except for when I break down and bawl at work!).

I didn't cry the day Josie came home.

I was solid as a rock the day she became a Pope.

However, last night after I tucked my angel in her bed, I cried the most thankful tears that have ever come out of my eyes.
She is my baby. And she is perfectly made for us.

Seeing her birth certificate made me feel all sentimental inside so I took out her entire case file and read it from cover to cover.
All the details of her birth mothers tragic story, I wondered about the 2 sisters and 1 brother that she has out there, I read every doctors note from the time her first foster family had to take her to the hospital. I scrutinized every piece of information on her original birth certificate.
The only incorrect detail on her new one is that it says she was born at the hospital, but she was born in the ambulance on the way to the hospital.

Josie was born at 2:44 PM on February 11, 2007. She was tiny, weighing in at 4 pounds 12 ounces. And she had tiny little girl feet.

Ahhh, the peace of knowing she can never not be mine.

All the World is right.

"For this child I have prayed and the Lord has answered my petition." - 1 Samuel 1:27


Missy said...

Well now you just made me cry at work!! It's so amazing to see something like this and knowing that it was all crafted from He who knows our inner most desires. That baby was created specifically for you and that to me is absolutely amazing!! The Pope story has and will continue to speak to so many people.

Love you guys!!!

The Swann's said...

Thankfully I'm at home... Only need to explain the tears to my husband! :-)

How awesome that all the pieces are together and on yet another piece of paper, she is and always will be yours!!!! Praise God for his blessing upon your family... I am looking forward to many more posts!!!!

Crystal said...

Congrats and thanks for sharing your moment with us! I can imagine how complete you feel now!

She was born in the ambulance? Wow, what a cool birth story!

Do you have any infant pictures of Josie for the foster care system?

Lani said...

CONGRATS!!!!!!!!!!!! What a special day!!! I remember the day we got Izzy's too! Such a great feelign to see it in black and white. Josie is a very lucky girl adn you and DH are very lucky parents!!!!

Anonymous said...

its about dern time! LOve you!

Amber said...

Way to go...make me cry! Congrats!

Brooke said...

My goose bumps got goose bumps reading this! How wonderful!

bri said...

Oh that makes me smile! I CANNOT WAIT to see our names listed has Bear's parents!

Oh her tiny little foot is so precious! Was she preemie? 4lbs soooo tiny. awwwwww. Did you get pictures from her beginning from the foster parents and such?

I love reading the dr's notes (nurses) about his stay in the nursery. It isn't very much for his seven days there. Like two sentences about him and that is it. I wonder if there is more that we will see once he is ours.

congratulations on your daughter! She's a beauty!

Anonymous said...

How do you get the words/typing ABOVE your pictures? I can't figure it out, it always underlines it.