Hurry Hurry Drive The Firetruck...

WOO WOO, Everett's 2!!

And let me tell you something, Jason and Tiffany know how to throw one heck of a toddler birthday party! I think I need to bribe them into planning the rest of Josie's bug party for next month! Right when we pulled up, Josie was so excited to see the firetruck! All the Junior Firefighters got their very own fire hats! (check out Josie's custom made firetruck dress!)
Have you ever tried to get 5 children 4 and under to look at the camera at the same time? Well, add in the excitement of sitting on a firetruck and you might as well call it a day.Everett got his own fireman outfit! It was made out of some serious material too! I think he's officially ready to go do some fire fighting!The firemen even let all the kids sit in the drivers seat!And when I say all the kids, I mean ALL the kids!Then Everett's Granddad took him for a spin in the firetruck!

And check out this cake!
Pretty sure this is going to make my bug cupcakes look super dinky!Mom Of The Year!

The kids were able to play on the playground for a little while before the bottom fell out. Everett opened his crazy cool gifts under the pavilion surrounded by the sound of rain falling on the tin roof. The party was great and Everett was a Prince, like always.

Happy Birthday Big E! We love you more then you'll ever know!


Lani said...

What an awesome party, I feel totally inadequate! Izzy's party is going to be nothing compared to that