I am madly in love with the children's department of IKEA. I will redo our playroom and Josie's room with their stuff. I want to walk in and get everything in one of the already set up rooms. That would be nice.
But for now, an awesome play table and chairs from her Nana and Grandpa Curt will do just fine!


The Henrys said...

We love IKEA too! We don't even have one in the whole state of AR but go once a year when we visit my grandparents outside of Austin, TX. Our playroom has lots from IKEA as do our kids bedrooms. I love their prices and everything is so cute!

bri said...

I have yet to go there... our closest one is 2 hours away. I have gone online and windows shopped haha!

It would be nice to just go pick up their little lay out of a room. Makes you feel like you have your own personal designer. ha!