Road Rage

This morning on my way to drop Josie off at her Nanny's, I got stuck behind a car that was turning left. There were numerous times that the car had ample room to make their turn, but obviously their destination was not exciting enough to warrant making a timely turn.
So after waiting nearly 5 minutes (which doesn't sound that long now that I typed it out!), I yelled, "GO!!!" and threw my hands in the air as if to let the irritating driver know how ridiculous they were being!
And what did my ears here coming from my innocent little girl who was quietly reading a book in the backseat???

"GO CAR!!!!" with her little hands thrown in the air exactly like mine were.

Oops. Time to curb the road rage!

God, thank you for the reminder that her little ears are always listening and that everything I do is teaching her a lesson. Weather I like it or not.


Amber said...

The road rage bug must be going around this morning...this morning on the way to work I got behind a SUV that decided it was only going to go 30mph the whole way down Jodeco. The speed limit is 45mph and they had atleast 30 cars behind it...for some reason this wave of something came over me and I decided to lay on the horn...why...I don't know...it didn't do any good. I quickly realized that I needed to check myself...next time someone might shoot me. So don't feel so bad :)

bri said...

Great reminder. I am terrible with road rage. I need to curb it as well before mine actually starts repeating it! Now I have 4 ears to look after and guard!

Oh Father help me guard my words and speak kindness with my mouth.