Menu Planning - Take 3

Another 2 weeks down! Here's how we did sticking to our plan...

- Saturday I got home late and Andrew had to work really late so Josie and I just had spaghetti. I ate the beef that we bought for the stew for lunch in tortillas with cheese all week.
- Sunday we ended up doing our family pics so we made Fettachine with Chicken and Broccoli with the Glovers. It was super yummy, no left overs!
- Darlene ended up not going out of town until next weekend so we ate over there and had Shepherds Pie. It was good, but Andrew and Josie refused to eat it.
- Tuesday we were lazy and ate Waffle House at Andrew's store
- Wednesday we had Chicken Quesadillas in bowls and they were more like nachos because I forgot to save tortillas for this meal (opps!)
- Thursday we did eat our pizza! Then I proceeded to eat way too many quiche and a piece of the yummiest chocolate cake ever at the jewelry party!
- Friday, Saturday, and Sunday were vacation days and we ate in Florida
- Monday we ate leftovers from our drive home
- Tuesday Andrew cooked for the Waffle House Christmas Party that we had at our house so we had a yummy turkey dinner!
- Wednesday we had chicken breast stuffed with spinach and cheese. Andrew created this a few months ago and it's one of our favorites!
- Thursday Andrew had a meeting so I made the taco ring (since he's scared of it!) for Josie and myself. Yum Yum Yum!
- Friday night we ended up back at Waffle House before we went to the Marshmallow Roast. Good thing Waffle House is SO good!

I guess we didn't do very well. I need to find recipes that are easier to make for the nights we are tired and save more intensive ones for the weekends. At least we have lots of groceries left!

So here's the plan for the upcoming week (just one week this time!)...

- Saturday (Our Christmas With Friends Celebration) Lasagna and all the yummy side dishes everyone is bringing!
- Sunday - (Grocery Day) BBQ Chicken Pieces, Mashed Potatoes, Green Beans
- Monday (MY BIRTHDAY!!!) - Out to dinner for all the December birthdays in the family (me, Curt, and Darlene!)
- Tuesday - Burgers and Sweet Potato Fries
- Wednesday - Chicken Spaghetti
- Thursday - Chili!!! (Probably Ravioli or Mac and Cheese for Josie)
- Friday - Glover's house for pizza and brainstorming (not eating the brainstorm!)
- Saturday - We are having dinner with some of the kids from the old youth group! I can't wait!