22 Months Going on 16

Another month has come and gone and our Baby Boo is 22 Months old!
There haven't been too many new happenings this month, but here's what she's been up to:

- She says, "Bless" anytime someone sneezes! It's adorable and I know that I really am blessed every time she says it!
- She has boycotted dinner. She eats one heck of a breakfast, picks at lunch, and refuses dinner (unless it's pasta).
- She has learned that dessert comes after dinner so we've had to start not letting her have any unless she eats her dinner. It's been rough. She doesn't seem to grasp the concept of, "if you eat this, then you can have that."
- She loves to "cook" and then have us taste whatever she made.
- She adds a few new words everyday.
- Most of what she says is still babble, but she is very persistent with it!
- Boomer knocked her down about 4 or 5 months ago and she still says, "No no Boo-Boos, don't push the baby down" every time anyone mentions Boomer (it must have been pretty traumatic!).
- Her hair is getting really long (when it's wet) but still curls up super tight. The curls are just now starting to fall.
- She loves the Christmas tree and will stand in front of it and just stare!
- She is very shy around people that she doesn't see everyday, but it usually wears off after about 15 minutes.
- She still goes to bed at 8 and sleeps till about 7:30 and takes 2 naps a day. The nighttime antics of, "juice", "kiss", "Daddy?" have begun. (Of course I always allow for just one more kiss!)
- She can still wear 12 month clothes, but 12 month jeans are now highwaters!
- 18 month clothes swallow her whole!
- She loves her vitamins! (good thing since she won't eat dinner!)
- She lets us know as soon as she has wet her diaper and wants a new one. When we try to sit her on the potty she asks for a diaper! I guess she's not quite ready (or really lazy!).
- I thought she had all of her teeth, but she is getting another set way in the back. They don't seem to bother her too much but she is putting her hands in her mouth a lot more.
- Everyday she is doing more imagination play. It's so cute!

Happy 22 Month Birthday Josie Kat!


Bethany G. said...

I love this age because everyday is a new thing. Sounds like she's a good eater, even if she skips dinner! My four is hopelessly picky.

Anonymous said...

She misses her Maime you mean person!

Brooke said...

It's fun to read how someone else's daughter is at the same stage as mine, and how similiar they can be. T does not grasp the concept of dessert coming after dinner either. She will say "all done, all done" thinking that just because she doesn't want any more dinner, dessert is still an option. And she will tell us "poop!" whenever her diaper is dirty, but has a fit if we try to put her on the potty chair.

It is such a fun age! I love that every day they are learning something new, and every day I am so amazed at how much she is changing.