Skipstone Academy Fun!

The Christmas festivities have officially begun. I think we loaded more cheer, lights, and Christmas Spirit into this weekend to last us the entire year! Of course that won't stop us from continuing it until well after December 25th!
Friday night Amy and I took the kiddos to a Christmas Bonfire at a Christain school by our house. It was really cold, but we had fun.
How cute are Luke and Josie? She loves playing with him! He's as close to a big brother as she's going to get and she definatly looks up to him! So sweet!The first thing Luke wanted to do was jump on the jumpies. Josie thought it looked pretty cool, but this is as far in as she would go!Somehow me and big ole' pregnant Amy squeezed into the kid train. There was no way we were sending our cuties out into the woods on a train pulled by a four wheeler without us!"CHOO CHOO!"Luke roasted a couple marshmallows, but decided they were pretty gross. Especially since Amy set them on fire. They were a little well done!After that we headed over to Waffle House. Where else do you go when it's 8:30 and your kids are freezing and haven't eaten dinner?
It was a pretty late night for Josie, but she was a trooper!


Brooke said...

She's so well dressed. Love that black and white frock in the other post, and love her little hat and coat in this one. Girls are so much fun to dress:)

The Benefields said...

excuse me...but I hink "Big Ole Pregnant Amy" fit in that train just fine thank you! Even if my butt did get stuck