Not Me Monday!

I have not published more postings this month then the amount of days that have passed. That would mean that I am posting more then once a day and let's face it, that is just compulsive.

Hmmm, was it me that convinced Andrew that we really needed to attend his company's Christmas Party since he's trying to promote soon? It is a good idea, so that might have been me. But it surely wasn't me who then was super annoyed that I had to go when the day actually came!

I do not use my blog to do my dirty work. Such as coming up with creative birthday ideas. Come on and help a sister out!

I am pretty sure that it was some other lady that neglected to cook dinner for her family 5 out of the past 7 nights. I am on a menu plan. Waffle House, Outback, or pizza (x2) did not make up our meals.

Could it have been me who was "that mom" at daycare? You know, the one who neglects to remember to bring a goodie bag for all the kids at the Christmas party? Nah, not me!

And whoever "that mom" was, I'm sure she didn't just give her daughter a little push through the door and then quickly retreat back to her car before anyone had a chance to make mention of her little oversight!

I did not make Josie sit on the potty even when she made it very clear that she did not want to. I am not having a hard time trying to figure out if she's ready for potty training or not.

To help assist me in my assessment of her potty training readiness, I did not allow her to romp around the house without any britches on all day on Sunday.

Everyone loves nice weather. Even this Northern Girl. So I'm sure it wasn't me who actually complained about it being 70 degrees in December! Who would do that?!?
It wasn't I who spyed a blooming vine or new growth on my hydrangia...On December 20th!
After boring Andrew for the better part of 1/2 an hour with all the seriously funny (maybe you had to read it yourself!) things that I had read on ALL the blogs I read, I know it wasn't me who uttered (very softly) that sometimes I wish I actually lived in "Blog World."
That would be so silly!
I mean, who in their right mind would wish that they could hang out with MckMama or get creative tips from Cakies or visit be the one to test products at The Lil Peanut Patch instead of going to work and sitting in their boring desk everyday!?!?


Brooke said...

Fun list! I too often think living in the bloggy world would be much fun. Hubby usually roles his eyes when I try to convey something from someone's blog. If he doesn't know the person IRL, he's not all that interested!

Rachel said...

I think everyone's lives are a bit hectic right now! I forgot a few things... but the ones I remembered (baking goodies for our large staff) will be for naught as they shut down our work due to snow!

And the menu plan sounds delish!

Merry CHRISTmas!

Keyona said...

Life is just BETTER in the blog world...just better.

Kameron said...

I tried to tell my hubby something from MckMama's blog that I thought was hilarious. He didn't get it. Oh well. That's why we have each other. Our bloggy friends who, even though we haven't met, get what we're talking about!

Such a cute list. I never suggest things that I end up resenting, like Christmas dinner with the in-laws!! :o)

Momma Mango said...

I'm with ya on the potty training thing. My daughter will be 3 next month and shows a lot of interest, but I can't figure out if she is just not quite ready or if she's just stubborn! :)
Merry Christmas!