Christmas came early!

Andrew has to work on Christmas Day and yesterday was his last day off until next Saturday so we decided to do Christmas early!
We really only got Josie one big thing and a couple art supplies.
Oh, and some Elmo undies!
But we only gave her the big present.
She knew exactly what it was as soon as she saw the box and was SO excited!
This kitchen was $99 from Oompa.com.
It's all natural wood, really compact in size, and came with 2 plates, 2 sets of silverware, 2 pots and pans, a loaf of bread, a carrot, 2 mushrooms, cheese, an egg, a pizza, and salt and pepper shakers! She played with it literally all afternoon! She would make water sounds when she put the dishes under the sink, she delivered plates of food to her Dad, and she must have put the pizza in and out of the oven at least 20 times!
I was really hoping she would like this and it is turning out to be the perfect gift!
I turned my back for one minute and Josie had opened 2 of the gifts from her Florida Grandparents and Aunts! Opps!
She had to wear the "Spon Bob" jammies right then and there and proceeded to roll on the sheep for a good 5 minutes! Not sure what that's about!

Don't let the look on her face fool you! She loves them and wore them (with the footies under them!) all day!


Brooke said...

The kitchen is so cute!

And I forgot to mention before that the header on your blog is so great! I love that picture - hat, coat, her expression. So perfect with the long road in the back, symbolizing a "journey".

Kameron said...

I love how the jams are on over her other ones!! I hope she has fun with her kitchen. :o)

bri said...

Oh my goodness that is hilarious. Love the footed jammies under spon bob. Classic

Lani said...

That kitchen is so cute! I agree with brooke that your header picture is AMAZING!!!