Eight Things & More

PS over at The Dirty Work is my brother's best friends wife. Her blog is right up my ally. It's all about becoming an eco-friendly family without breaking the bank. She is full of tips that I can actually use instead of all the tips that are completely unrealistic for our family! Love it! I think she is a great mom and really inspires me in a lot of ways.
She posted this "Eight Things & More" survey to end out the year and I decided to play along! I'll stick to the bandwagon and not tag anyone, but if you decide to fill one out, link back in my comments so we can all read it!

Eight Things That I’m Looking Forward To

1. Our vacation to Arizona in February is at the top of my list! 12 sun filled, workless, relaxing days in the desert...it doesn't get any better then that!
2. Making the transition to being a stay at home mom. It is looking like this will finally be a reality this summer. We just have to wait for Andrew to get his promotion and then I'll finally be free to spend all my time with Josie!
3. Amy's baby shower. I love planning parties. Plus I'm going to get to see a lot of people I haven't seen in over a year so that will be fun. This one leads to #4...
4. Baby Matalie making her grand appearance! Scott and Amy have waited and prayed for this little ladybug and I can't wait to see her pretty little face! Which may be mere seconds after she is born since Amy has granted me the honor of being in the delivery room when she arrives!! I can't decide if that totally freaks me out or if it would be the most amazing thing ever!
5. I'm with PS on getting my daughter potty trained. I don't want to rush her, but it will be so nice to have her out of diapers! Not so much because of the cost of diapers since Andrew's mom is constantly hooking us up, but more so for the freedom that comes with not having to look for the cleanest spot to change a diaper. We had to change her on the floor of a nasty bathroom the other night because there was no changing station! SO GROSS! I promise there were no paper towels left after I used them all to put as much distance between her butt and the floor!
6. Planting some kind of garden. I am bound and determined to start a garden this spring. I want to try a few of our favorite veggies and for sure do some flowers.
7. Picking blueberries! We almost did this about 5 times last summer, but never actually went to do it. This summer, it's a sure thing!
8. Going to all the craft festivals this spring and summer! Now that I am seriously in to crafting I know just what I'm looking for. I think I'll get such enjoyment out of meeting the people making the crafts this year now that I know what it takes to be so creative! I can't wait to get inspiration from them!

Eight Things On My Wish List

1. More date nights with Andrew. Our lives get so crazy that date nights seem to be the first thing we let slip. I want to make that a priority in 2009.
2. A Disney Vacation for the family! I think that by next fall or winter Josie will be old enough to enjoy a weekend trip to Disney. Since we have a place to stay for free just an hour from the park, a trip like this is totally within our budget.
3. A massage, a facial, anything at an Aveda salon. (I'm sticking with PS on this one too! But I'd need a gift card since I have a really hard time spending money on me for things like this!) Plus we have an Aveda school down town where everything is way cheaper and I'm fine with having a student pamper me!
4. A new car for ME! Well, not new, but gently used! My car has about 260,000 miles on it and the dang thing just keep going! I'm not complaining though since a new car is not a part of our plan until Andrew promotes and gets a big ole car allowance.
5. This one is kinda lame... STARBUCKS CARDS! Hey, it's my wish list!
6. Furniture for our bedroom. I desperately want a dresser, nightstands, and curtains but refuse to pay a fortune for them. Which really narrows my options. Oh well. I guess I'll just keep looking!
7. I also wish I could see my parents more. I love every second I spend with them.
8. A total girls weekend! I mean, no kids, no husbands, no worries! Just the girls. Eating brownies and staying up all night. Lots of shopping and maybe even getting all dressed up for a night out! Who's with me girls?!?

Eight TV Shows I Watch

1. Desperate Housewives (I'm totally addicted!)
2. Grey's Anatomy
3. Chuck
4. Today Show
5. Hell's Kitchen
6. Kitchen Nightmares (Hey, I like Chef Ramsey!)
7. What Not To Wear (this one makes me want to go shopping so Andrew hates when I watch it!)8. House

Eight Things I Did Yesterday

1. Woke Josie up way before she was actually ready to get up.
2. Drank reheated Starbucks from the night before. (I know, gross!)
3. Stressed all day at work! I love having days off for Christmas, but it moved my deadlines up a day!
4. Cooked dinner with Josie! It's so fun now, she copies what I'm doing in her little kitchen while I do it in my big kitchen!
5. Let Josie open another present. It's worked out great to let her do one present a day. That way I know she is really paying attention to what she is getting.
6. Andrew and I gave Josie a bath.
7. Made pudding! YUMMY! I love cook and serve pudding with whipped cream!
8. Cuddled with Andrew. We have adopted MckMama's house rule, "no work after the kids are in bed." When Josie goes down for the night, it's our time. We ate pudding and talked about our crazy days and all the stuff going on over the next month!


The Benefields said...

you better get over this being freaked out thing b/c i'm gonna need someone to keep me calm when scott passes out. :) theres not anything that compares to it and it will make you want to go get pregnant as soon as you leave the hospital. thats if you leave :)

The Popes said...

Maybe I'll bring Andrew with me and we'll work on getting pregnant in the on call room like on Grey's Anatomy!

Kameron said...

That was a great list! I hope you get everything you wish for! :o)

Elizabeth said...

You need to make this like a blogwide thing...you know how the "Not Me Monday"...I'm totally grabbin' this idea! hehe!