Dear Mother Nature,

As I'm sure you are fully aware, Christmas is a mere 6 days away.
However, your recent actions have made it near impossible for me to get in the Christmas Spirit. You see, I am a northern girl. I have no Christmas memories that involve grass. In fact, anything less then 2 feet of snow covering the grass at Christmas is abnormal.
There are no Christmas Carols that speak of wearing shorts or needing your cocoa iced to keep you cool.
Christmas is supposed to be cold, chilly, down right brisk. The kind of cold where your nose hairs freeze when you breathe through your nose. Rosy cheeks and runny noses. Snowball fights and sledding down Death Hill. That is what Christmas weather should consist of.
Not whatever the heck this is.
Today is my daughter's Christmas party at daycare. I had the cutest little Christmas sweater all set out for her. So you can imagine my disdain when I realized that she would be sweating jingle bells all day if I were to send her in said Christmas cheer.
So instead I sent her on her jolly way wearing a red t-shirt with a jean skirt.
While I do appreciate this sudden warming trend you have given us, is it at all possible to get a little bit of December weather before Jolly Old St. Nick arrives?
If this weather continues, he may arrive in a convertible instead of his sleigh.
So for the next week, it would be greatly appreciated if we could get a little snow. Heck, at this point I'd settle for a thermometer reading below 70 degrees!

Thank you,

PS - After all the gifts are unwrapped and the carols have been sung, feel free to go back to this glorious spring like weather.


Anonymous said...

Welcome to Georgia.
It was 84 down here in Savannah yesterday. Not the weather to get you in the spirit. We are going to get cooler weather this weekend. I'm sure north of us will too.
60's on Christmas Day.
Not as cold as I'd like it but that will do.

Elizabeth said...

LOL...Love this. This made me chuckle!!
Yeah...it was a true Waffle House play. I loved it, and thought about all of yall as I watched it. It was great. I wish I could have taken some pictures!!

The Glover Family said...

"Dear Mother Nature...???"

Are you a pagan or something...lol

The Popes said...

Sorry Jason!
Dear Lord,

bri said...

I clearly second this letter. Best one I have seen written all year (and the only one!) haha!

bri said...

Oh love the new blog header by the way! She is way adorable! hahaha at least she is making it look like it is cold outside (minus the snow) Ü

Brooke said...

You've got that right! I just can't seem to be in the spirit with 70 degree weather and the window down in the car. Especially with the family back home getting dumped on with tons of snow!

Nancy said...

LOL, great post. Thanks for making me laugh!

I'm making you my Blog of the Day. There is a grab-able award on my site if you want to pick it up.