Menu Planning - Take 4

This was a way easy week and we did horrible well sticking to it.
We did our shopping on this side of town at a regular grocery store since we didn't need much. It ended up being way more expensive. So for us, it's worth the drive to go up to Whole Foods every 2 weeks.

- Saturday we obviously stuck to the plan. The dinner party was awesome!
- Sunday we ate leftover lasagna and leftover mac and cheese with veggies to clear out the fridge
- Monday we ate at Outback for my birthday! SO GOOD!
- Tuesday we ate at Andrew's work Christmas party. It was actually yummy!
- Wednesday Andrew had to work late so Josie and I went up and ate with him at Waffle House
- Thursday we finally ate at home! Tacos. This was the first time Josie ate hers too!
- Friday we had super yummy Spaghetti Pie at the Glover's house
- Saturday we went out for pizza with our long lost favs from Cross Culture, Vanessa and Kayla!

Ok, so we did really, really bad this week! At least I have enough groceries left over that we don't have to go to the store until Friday.
I'm not going to even try to do a meal plan since I'll just be throughing whatever I can find together. And with Christmas this week, I know we'll be eating at families houses and all kinds of snacking.
Next Friday is my BIG shopping day! I get to go to Lenox and go wild getting things at deep deep clearance for the house! It's my favorite shopping day ever! So I'll just add to the fun and totally restock our kitchen at Whole Foods that day too.
So next week I'll do another 2 week plan. Yum Yum!


bri said...

You go ahead girl, get all your shopping out of your system... hahaha. I am so not a shopper. I love to buy things but I dislike the crowds and the hassle.

Menu planning has not been working all that well for me either. I did well last week but this week has been rough. It is hard to cook for just yourself and a toddler. J comes home at about 8P from driving all day and I just throw something together real fast. Which is the same thing I do for Mine and Bear's dinner at 5. It is I think somehow easier and better when I do cook a big meal and then just spread it out over the night feeding everyone. Having 2 boys 5 months apart is not fun when you have to cook something other than grilled cheese and soup. Soon I will get the hang of it all over again and we can get back in the routine. Holidays are always hard to plan around anyway, right!!??