I love the mailman!

Especially when he brings me 3 boxes with this precious logo on them! Oh how I love Pottery Barn Kids. Josie's entire room is decked out in their bedding (clearance bedding!). So for Christmas my mom got her window treatments!
Summer naps will be so much easier now that it won't look like her room is directly in front of the sun!
These are the tie backs for the curtain panels. The finales on the rod are the same pink flower. We have the valance already so now all I need in the curtains that my mom's friend is making and we will be good to go!
Of course I'll post pictures when it's all done. It is going to be so pretty!And Miss Thing got a dress too! Pottery Barn has a clothing line called "Threads". It's WAY out of my $2 clearance price range. But luckily, Threads has a clearance section too! This dress was originally $50. I got it for $14! Love it!
I'm hoping she can wear it all Spring.

And in her hand? Well that's her good buddie Julian! She's been carrying it around ever since the same mailman brought my prize!


bri said...

Love that place. I don't ever order from there but I do spend time in the clearance sections also. AND then I do some knock off look alike styles for the rooms and or clothing styles! Love it; hate being not rich! hahaha... I always joke and wonder why on earth I was born into a "non-wealthy" life with a taste for expensive styles! haha... my friends say I have a gift to make everything look great though, even though it probably came off the side of the road somewhere! haha Guess I am just talented (or conditioned) like that. Ü

Moe and Bear are not bio brothers. They do resemble somewhat though. Moe is way more petite than Bear and much taller. They are however both very precious! I love my boys!