I love being married. I have great reason to, my husband is my best friend. I've loved him since the day I laid my 17 year old eyes on him.
But sometimes marriage is hard.
Schedules get busy, the trash doesn't get taken out, and harsh words can be spoken.
But in the end, he is mine and I am his. For better or worse.
I grew up in the north where the definition of being a wife is a lot different then it is in the south. There were standards I was expected to follow that I wasn't sure if I agreed with. The word submission seriously made my hair stand on end and my eyes roll back.
But somewhere along the road that Andrew and I have been on for the past 6 1/2 years, I learned that I am happiest, the most content, and the most in love with Andrew when I am submitting and honoring him.
Pastor Mike taught me that submission does not mean being a doormat or losing who you are. It simply means, getting under the mission.
And boy does Andrew ever have a mission!
I am learning to lift Andrew up with my words. To speak life over him and not failure. I am learning to bite my tongue when chores aren't completed in my time frame. I am learning to see every sacrifice, all the sweat, every long hour worked that he does for me.
No, submission is not a dirty word in our house anymore. I love being submitted and I think our marriage has been blessed because of it.

MckMama has a great post on her blog today about submitting. I love this woman's blog and seriously recommend it to any wife or mother of small children (MSC as she calls them!) She is a God fearing wife and mother of 4 children 4 and under. Yup, that's one a year! And the last one was a miracle baby (my favorite kind!).
So if you want a little perspective into what submission is as well as what it's not, go check out her post.

***What you don't see in that picture is Andrew holding my hand for the very first time. Ahhh, young love.***