(Almost) Wordless Wednesday

A mother is always in need of an extra set of arms.


bri said...

That is priceless!

I have a moby wrap and that would work. He is really heavy and very long so it makes it really awkward to get him in it. We are trying different techniques... mainly me slowing down to help him adjust. I just wish the CPS understood what it takes to be with these children so that your home doesn't have to be in perfect order all the time. I feel so torn, but he needs me more than CPS needs my house "spotless"! So with him I will be. I will clean when he is sleeping.

Thanks for all the advice and encouragements. It is truly a blessing to walk beside those with the same love for these children!

Lani said...

Adorable!!! Thanks for posting on my blog. Izzy will be 2 end of Jan. I will add your blog to my follow list and maybe we can help each other through the potty stage in teh next several months !!!!