9,490 Days Old

That's a lot of days!
Yesterday I welcomed in my 26th year on Earth. That makes me 9,490 days old. Add in a few leap years and it would be even more days!
There are actually 5 birthdays this month in my family. 4 of them this week! Josie's Grandpa Curt and I share the 15th, Josie's Nana gets her turn on the 18th, my little sis Autumn will be 16 (Holy Moly!) next week, and my Grandpa turned 21!
We went out to Outback for dinner last night to celebrate. Andrew was in charge of taking pictures so of course we ended up with only 2 pictures!
When I was opening my gift Josie kept proclaiming ownership of my new prizes! It was pretty cute, and a little sassy.
But the Starbucks Cards (yes, plural. People are catching on to my addiction!) were all mine!
I had a good 25th year. Challenging, but good overall.
I have this great feeling that my 26th year is going to be simply amazing. And I'm totally ready for amazing!


The Henrys said...

Happy Birthday!

bri said...

Hang on, hang on! Your grandpa is 21? I am so lost... hahahaha

Happy birthday all the same! Celebrate it like it were going out of style!!!! hahaha