Not Me Monday!

This week has been crazy!
Not that anything was really going on, in fact we even went on vacation.

So I know it wasn't me who had a little anxiety attack at work thinking of all the things I have to get done before all these parties start happening. I never sweat the small stuff or overextend myself!

I did not use the mini freak out episode to allow myself to endulge in a peppermint milkshake. If I had, I know it didn't make me feel any better!

I do not currently have 8, yes 8, to do lists in my purse. I'm pretty sure they are not all idenical lists. That would be neurotic and a waste of paper. And I love trees.

WooHoo! We got to go to Florida last weekend! And I'm sure that it wasn't me who had the car packed and ready to go on Wednesday morning even though we weren't leaving until Friday afternoon! I really don't get excited about seeing my Daddy-O!

I did not spend almost an entire afternoon reading my own blog. I mean, I wrote it! And if for some reason I had ran out of peoples updates to read, I would have found something productive to do, not read my own writings!

I am in no way tempted to throw Josie's kid CD out the window while going 70 mph on I-75. I love songs. I probably won't cry if I have to listen to Twinkle Twinkle or John Jacob Jinglheimer Schmidt one more time!

If you saw a car driving South on 75 with a toddler in the backseat wearing headphones and watching DVD's, it was not us. What?? You followed us the whole 5 hours? And she watched TV the entire time? Well, we surely wouldn't let her watch THAT much Nemo!
I am sure that I didn't stay in my PJ's all weekend at my Dads!

While watching the SEC game Saturday I know that I did not do the Gator Chomp. Not even once. I am a Bulldog all the way... Or am I a Gopher???

Pork products did not cross my lips one time this weekend. I mean, who would enjoy sausage dip or ribs while watching football?!?


Dana-from chaos to Grace said...

So it would be WRONG for us to sing to you in your comments? ;) So glad you guys had fun on your vacation!

Domestically Disabled Girl said...

Ahh, cute little girl! I am a Minnesotan (just like MckMama!)
I would stay in my pj's all winter here if I could!

Julie said...

Mty toddler did not watch DVDs for 15 hours on our way to Alabama for Thansgiving...

Peppermint milkshake? Sounds yummy!

LucieP said...

You are so cute!

Love the pic of her curls and the headphones....too adorable!

Pork and football go hand in hand!

Go Gators!

Keyona said...

Sausage dip sounds yummy...I mean if I ate that kind of thing.

Matthew 18:19 said...

LOL, I read my blog sometimes too, you can come visit mine if you ever run low on blogs to read :)

Kimber said...

I also love my pj's. I live in them at home. Why get dressed when you can be this comfortable? I mean really. Happy Holidays. Your daughter is adorable.

Anonymous said...

I didn't my entire weekend in new jamas I bought either. That would be silly :) I also don't happen to let my children watch dvds my entire drive somewhere because I just want a little bit of quietness goin on! LOL. Have a great rest of the week!