An Excellent Resource!

One more post before we head out.
Like many of you, I want Josie to be smart and creative. Sometimes I feel ill equipped to teach her about this great big world. She soaks information up like a sponge these days and I have been wanting to find different things to do with her to actually start teaching her the basics she needs to know.
While researching homeschool info I found a site that actually offers lesson plans and idea for children birth though age 11 for free!
Most of the lessons are basic and we are already doing them with Josie, but I did get great ideas for learning about nature, vocabulary enrichment, Bible verses, and art.
I thought I'd pass it along in case any of you are looking for activities to do with your toddlers or preschoolers. Like I said, it's basic, but gives a ton of information.
Letter Of The Week

My feelings on school are very mixed.
Andrew and I have already decided that Josie will not attend public school for at least the beginning of her schooling.
I've read a few books that believe a child is not ready for formal, sit at a desk all day, education at the age we start sending them to school and I completely agree with that.
Not to mention how much of a joke Georgia's public schools are. Seriously, we rank like 49th in the country. Schools focus so much on memorization and test prep that the kids lose their creativity and the facts are lost as soon as the test is done.
Of course she needs to learn her ABC's and 123's, but I want her to LEARN not just memorize.
I really want to homeschool her, but I figure we have a couple years before we have to seriously start exploring our options.
Right now I'm leaning toward "unschooling" or "child led learning" where we will teach her about what she is interested in. I'm a pretty structured person so I think I'd need a little more planning then the true form of unschooling, but I like the basic concept.

For now though, I think I'll just focus on getting her to stop eating her crayons.


The Benefields said...


The Benefields said...

that was suppose to go to the post bellow by the way

Amber said...

We are certain that we are going to home school our kids. My mom home schooled my brother and he was apart of the coolest home school group which was almost like a private school. He loved it! Since I have worked in the public school system, I have swore to David that I would never send my kids to public schools. You wouldn't believe the stuff I've seen. Especially with our waffle house schedule (which y'all understand)...we want our kids to be on the same schedule as David. Have a safe trip this weekend! We're in Nashville this weekend.

The Popes said...

Andrew's schedule is one of the main reasons we want to homeschool too.
Plus it will make going to see my family so much easier! Our little homeschool kids can play together!