We're Back!

We made it down to my Dad's without any problems! Josie had a couple whiny spells, but they were easily remedied. She thought it was pretty cool that she got to hold her own TV the whole way there! She looked so cute with her little headphones on!
I felt a little bad just turning the DVD on and telling her to watch it for 5 hours, but as I looked in EVERY car with a child in it going down the road I noticed one common factor...DVD players! How did our parents ever survive road trips without them?!?!Yup, she still has that dang paci. At home it has to stay in her bed and she knows full well that paci's are for night night only, but desperate times call for desperate measures so she was allowed to suck away the entire ride.
We're really not going to start working on getting rid of it or potty training until we get back from our 12 day vacation (that I can not wait for!) in February. I don't think any of us would come out alive with out it!

Josie spent the entire weekend chasing the cat and following my Dad around. She thinks he's pretty cool! Anytime he'd leave the room she'd start calling out for her "Bampa".
We watched football all day on Saturday and had so much fun doing absolutely nothing! I stayed in my PJ's all weekend! The only reason I took a shower was that I got my feet dirty walking outside.
Andrew got all caught up on the little projects he's been working on for the past couple months. He turned his phone off on Friday night and didn't turn it on until late last night! It was SO nice!I didn't take enough pictures. I guess they all would have looked the same, Andrew working at the table, Josie dumping out her toys, and the rest of us yelling at the TV.
I did try playing with the ISO setting on my camera. These didn't turn out quite as good as I wanted them to, but I am pretty excited to be able to take pictures with only the light of the Christmas tree. I hate flash!!!By the time I got the setting right (the last picture) she decided she was done playing with the tree. Figures.
This week marks the beginning of the Christmas Craziness that will be our lives for the next few weeks so stay tuned for lots of Christmas Cheer and all that jazz.


Brooke said...

Great pictures! And I'm super impressed that she wore the headphones to watch the DVD. We tried that on the plane when we went back to Michigan in September, and she kept taking them off and the poor guy next to us had to listen to Elmo through the DVD speaker (on very low) for the entire plan ride :) And the waiting on potty training until after a big trip sounds like a perfect idea.

Crystal said...

Looks like a fin trip! Glad you got to go see your dad! Spending time with family is always a wonderful feeling.

Bethany G. said...

You don't know me but I have been reading through your archives and want to thank you for the inpiration that shines through your posts. My DH and I were recently diagnosed with secondary infertility after TTC for almost 2 years and after praying about it decided to skip infertility treatments and foster/adopt. We hope to start the process soon! Anyway, God bless your family and thanks for the inspiration! Your DD is beautiful!

bri said...

glad that everything went good. HA! Great idea not changing anything drastic in her routine (potty training or paci breaking) until settled in from vacation chaos... usually around the end to all the holiday hustle and bustle. It will work out much better if you are not in a hurry and/or fretting over it.
She is so adorable!

Ileana said...

Love the last shot. Sounds like it was a great trip!

Oh, and just wanted to make sure you check out this site. We are aiming to INSPIRE THE WORLD IN JUST LESS THAN 25 DAYS!!!


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