Gobble, Gobble!

This year we celebrated Thanksgiving early since Andrew had to work on the actual day. So when Thursday rolled around Josie and I found ourselves at home with nothing to do. I hadn't realized how rarely we are just home with nowhere to go. With all the stores closed and our friends all off with their families we just hung out. Oh, and I crafted while she napped!This is one of Josie's Christmas presents. It's just a chalkboard that I got for a dollar at Micheals and then I painted it to match her room and make it a little cuter. It turned out really cute and I think she'll love it!
Being the obsessive and overly prepared person that I am, I have been seriously stressing over getting Josie's birthday invitations done.
Oh, what? You don't create, assemble, and address your invitations 3 months before the actual party?!?
Really, the only reason I did them so soon was that we are so busy every weekend from now until the party that it made sense to me to use my free day to get them done. They turned out really cute! You open the wings to see the party details. I was going to put google eyes on them, but I thought they looked creepy with eyes so I took them off! I also addressed all our Christmas envelopes. We won a free Christmas card design from Baby Bear Cards that I am so excited about. And now that Tiff did our family pictures for us we can get them created and send them off!
At noon, I decided that I wanted to cook a Thanksgiving meal. Yup, noon on Thanksgiving! So off we went to Walmart to get our turkey and fixings.
I guess a veteran turkey maker would have know that all the turkeys would be frozen. They probably would have also known that a $3 Jennio Turkey is NOT the same as the $20 real turkey.
Unfortunately, I am not a veteran.
We laughed as we ate our turkey loaf and lumpy sweet potato casserole. Next year I'm going to get it right!


Brooke said...

Great party invitations! My daughter's birthday is in February too, so if you want to make some extra for me, that would be great! :)