Sisters Brunch

Josie and I were invited to the annual Sisters Brunch at Darlene's cousins house this weekend. Every year, on the Saturday after Thanksgiving, all the girls get together for brunch and Christmas Cheer, which is just what I was needing.
We left really early to drive up (over over or where ever we were!) to Mabelton, GA.
Josie looked so so cute in her Christmas dress! My mom bought it for her to wear last year, but being the little shorty she is, she was swimming in it! This year it fits her perfect. Like I said, we were up early to go!My child has a serious issue with cameras. I don't know if there was a tragic experience or what, but lately we've gotten a lot of the following when we break out the camera. I swear she was laughing and cute as a button until the moment I put the camera up to take the picture. I love that Gracie is like, "what's her problem!?!"Then, when she finally got over her irrational response to flash photography, she liked to pose by putting her hand on people's heads. Especially Avery's!Now this is better! I love my little lady! There is just something about going to a mother daughter event that melts my heart. I finally have a little boo to bring with me!Avery, Gracie, and Josie! They all wore black dresses with red flowers!How cute is this little bug!?!
I can't wait for next year's Sisters Brunch! Thank you Deborah for such a fun morning!f


Bev said...

She just likes to lay hands on people! She's already movin'...
can't explain the flash...maybe bright lights freak her out, so you won't have to worry about her being an actress! :) Probably nothing big. My cousin (who's 10 years younger) was perfectly fine if just my mom or my aunt (her mom) were in the room...but if BOTH were in the room at the same time, she freaked! We figured its cause they are twins and she didn't know what to do about that.