Trick Or Treat!!

Happy Halloween from us!!Josie was pretty excited for her Halloween Party at daycare and was very happy that there would be ice cream and candy involved! This picture is really funny to me, not sure why, but it is so here it is for your enjoyment...Mmmmm, candy!For a little girl who has a limited sugar intake, Halloween was a little crazy! I was trying to hold off on giving her any candy since I knew Amy would be shoving it in her face as soon as we got to her house, but I wanted some and I guess my candy sneaking skills aren't as good as I thought they were, so we ended up sharing M&M's on the way to not vote.
Yes, I said not vote. We got all the way to the square to vote only to be greeted by a million little trick or treaters who did not obey traffic signals and made me choose between missing my road or squishing Bob The Builder under my tires. I choose to miss my road. SO I will be voting tomorrow with the 65% of Georgia voters who also slacked and did not participate in early voting.
And now, for some Stinkerbell cuteness...All these are at Amy's house. Apparently, kids don't trick or treat anymore. Not ONE kid came to Amy's door the entire night!! Well, none except this ferocious dinosaur:So I wasn't sure if it was cool to trick or treat anymore. So I told Josie to go put rocks in her overpriced pumpkin bucket and she was more then happy to do so.Hey, she's 1. She doesn't know the difference!At least I got SOME natural sugar in her! If Amy had her way, Josie would have bathed in the candy. It's OK, she'll have a little one next Halloween and revenge will be mine!!The end.
And yes, I already have her costume planned for next year and I will begin sewing it next month. Let's just say it involves a basket, a wolf, an old lady, and a red hood. EEEE, I can't wait!!


Cunz Family said...

We didnt get any trick or treaters either! Now I'm stuck eating a whole bowl of candy by myself!